Saturday, November 27, 2010

I am sleeved!

I was sleeved on 11/22, but I haven't posted in a while so let me back up.

11/10 pre-op appointment.
I first went for a cardiac test because I have some arrythmias. I was also worried because I had a murmur when I was little, and was afraid they would see something from that and say "sorry, no surgery for you." I arrived early and it was mostly older people. They finally called me back. The technician was male. I hoped that I wouldn't have to show too much. he gave me a gown and tod me to put the gown on open in the front, and to leave my pants and shoes on. I was wondering how they would put the leads on, as I knew from childhood that they go around the breast. He was very discrete, and professional having me move the gown to keep the important bits covered while he attached the leads. He then had me lie on the table on my left side and did an ultrasound of my heart. It was way cool. I then had to walk on the treadmill while the machine measured my heart for the stress test. at first it was easy, but I thought I would pass out by the end, and I was sure I failed. The whole time, he kept reassuring me. It was good because he had the sleeve about 6 months before and spent the whole time telling me all the wonderful things I had to look forward to. After the stress test, he did a second ultrasound while my heart was still pounding. I never opened my eyes, as my total concentration was on obtaining enough oxygen to not pass out. I was surprised that I did not see the doctor at all. They sent the results to my surgeon, and I never heard about thm again. I will ask on Monday. Overall, it was not as bad as I expected. I then headed over to my doctors where thy did my pre-op weight. 283 (ugh, I haven't been working too hard and gained back 10 pounds.) We then had a meeting about the surgery and expectations, diet etc. I was starving at this point because last I ate was 6 AM and it was now after 2. We then went back to the office for a review of Insurance coverage individually, to pay our deposit, and then meet with the surgeon for any last minute questions. I was ready to be put on a liquid two week diet, but the surgeon said, "I see you have lost 15 pounds since we met In June. What have you been doing?" I thought to myself "yeah I lost 25, but gained back 10." Instead I told him about what I had done at first: 1-2 protein shakes, a couple of high protein snacks, and a protein mostly meal at dinner. He said "it seems to be working. Just keep doing what you are doing and start your liquid diet 2 days before surgery." I was shocked. I didn't have to do the liquid diet. Should I do it anyway? Would my liver be fatty? I had been eating horribly the last 3 weeks or so. So I finally got out after 5 and was starving to death. We went out for Mexican that night for a final meal. Guilt never worked on me for long.

11/19 Pre-op bloodwork
So I almost forgot my prep blood work appointment, but my phone reminder went off and I was able to get out on time. I went to Presbyterian hospital in Dallas. They went over my insurance and had me sign papers, electronically, in admissions, then went up to the 2nd floor for blood work. They took blood, verified my info and asked a ton of questions. Then said for me to come back there Monday at6 AM.

3 days of liquid diet. My mom came in to town to help with the kids. I was glad she was there. All I can say is three days was torture, I am so glad that I didn't have to do two weeks. On Sunday I had to take magnesium citrate at noon. I just chugged the whole thing. Grape was too sweet, but not the worst I have ever had. It worked. I drank 64+ ounces of water the rest of the evening to replace the fluids I was losing.

11/22 the day of surgery
We arrived at the hospital about 4:45. Have I told you that my husband hates being late? We were able to park and go in when the doors opened at 5 AM. At least I was the first in, being so early. They had me put on the gown and climb in bed, put on my bracelet etc. And finally at 7:05 they wheeled me, bed and all to the surgery recovery area. I was given a hairnet, an IV in my left hand (if you have a choice, always choose your non-dominant hand), a shot in my belly of blood thinner. I told the nurse, the, anesthesiologist, and the surgeon that I didn't want to get sick. Oh yeah, I also took vitamin k 5 days prior to thicken my blood, and a prescribed anti-nausea medicine that morning. The anesthesiologist gave me more anti-nausea medicine in my IV. They finally wheeled me out to the surgery room. I remember kissing my husband and then being wheeled through some double doors, we stopped for a second by this floor to ceiling white board and I saw my name, then we started moving again and that's all I remember. The next thing I remember is opening my eyes and the room spinning. I said I feel sick. Someone handed me one of those pans and I saw the nurse put meds in my IV. I woke up later several times but could not stay awake. I remember the nurse calling several times about my room. The next thing I remember is being in my room with my hubby. I think I walked, I know I got several shots of dilaudin, and I got up to go potty, otherwise I slept. Everyone did an excellent job. I never threw up or felt too much pain. I will put the post-surgery day in another post.


  1. Congrats on the sleeve and yay for blogging again! :-)

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